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 On Monday (Oct. Eight), Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will ascend greater than a hundred and twenty,000 toes into the ambiance internal a capsule connected to a helium balloon. Then, with nothing however a pressurized suit and a parachute, Baumgartner will bounce out of the pill and plummet towards Earth, breaking the sound barrier on the style down.

What might go wrong?

rather a couple of issues, it seems — even though Baumgartner and his red Bull-sponsored group say they've regarded and prepared for the dangers. Listed below are five of the hazards that Baumgartner faces as he attempts a checklist-breaking jump.

1. Flat Spin

The issue: In low air power, excessive-altitude skydivers chance going into some thing referred to as "flat spin." in this position, the body rotates horizontally — imagine a list spinning on a checklist player. An uncontrolled flat spin could render Baumgartner unconscious, his blood rushing to his extremities, together with his head. There, blood could pool in his eyes, causing brief blindness. Worse, the drive of the spin and the frenzy of blood to the head may trigger large mind bleeding and clotting, which might effectively be fatal.

The prevention: If Baumgartner's spin gets out of a control, a distinct elongated parachute will installation to assist stabilize his descent.

2. Boiling Blood

The difficulty: on the edge of area, from which Baumgartner will make his jump, the air force is below 1 p.C of that in the world's floor. Above sixty three,000 toes (19,200 meters), the inability of force can cause air bubbles to kind in the blood, a situation referred to as blood boiling. A bubble gigantic satisfactory to stop the blood from flowing in a massive artery may well be fatal, and sudden decompression can expand and then fall down the lungs. Depressurization can additionally cause the body to swell in seconds, as came about in 1960 when Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger Jr. Jumped from 102,800 ft (31,133 m). When Kittinger's glove failed to pressurize adequately, his hand swelled to twice its dimension on descent. [8 Craziest Skydives Ever]

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The prevention: Baumgartner's full-force go well with and helmet are designed to offer protection to the skydiver as he falls. The crew has emergency clinical protocols in area should still Baumgartner arrive on the floor in crisis.

three. Freezing

The difficulty: The upper environment is a really bloodless vicinity. The purple Bull Stratos team estimates Baumgartner will step out of his capsule into temperatures of minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 23 levels Celsius). As he plummets, he might adventure minus 70 degrees F (minus fifty six levels C) or lessen. In such bloodless air, Baumgartner's physique would be unable to keep a core temperature of ninety eight.6 levels F (37 levels C) for lengthy. When physique temperature drops to eighty two degrees F (28 levels C), unconsciousness can turn up. Demise is likely when the body dips beneath 70 levels F (21 degrees C).

The prevention: Baumgartner's swimsuit may still protect him from temperatures as little as minus ninety F (minus 68 C).

four. Shock Waves

The issue: As Baumgartner's body techniques the pace of sound, he'll be fidgeting with some severe forces. Shock-shock interplay happens when shock waves, often known as sonic booms, within the air collide, in this case the stratosphere that Baumgartner is descending via. Such forces may buffet Baumgartner and possibly endanger him or his pressurized swimsuit. "[Baumgartner will] be colliding with the gasoline so fast that it can't stream out of his method because it with ease does not understand that he's coming," physicist Louis Bloomfield of the institution of Virginia, advised LiveScience's sister web page life's Little Mysteries.

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Skydivers everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

The prevention: in line with the pink Bull Stratos team, the skinny air is an skills in this case. Shock waves are less powerful when the air is much less dense.

5. Hitting the ground

The problem: Hitting the floor with out slowing down ample from a 120,000-foot fall is a really unhealthy theory.

The prevention: should still Baumgartner fall unconscious all the way through his skydive, his emergency parachute will set up automatically. Alas, he may additionally now not be out of the woods in that situation, as he should be unable to steer his touchdown or adjust his velocity in the remaining moments of the autumn. That might make for a tricky return to Earth.





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