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 I will always believe this was a stolen election. And that the Democrat party are crooks, and they are all complicit in the greatest fraud in the history of mankind. I will forever hold Democrats in contempt!

It’s scary Mr. President - the corruption is sooo deep and on both sides! You’re surrounded by it! Only God can help us! Lord God we pray for your intervention to save our Country from the evil people trying to take over America!!No other President has had this . Yet he loses to fraud and corruption and it runs from whitehouse fbi senators judges and Supreme Court. There is verse Thessalonians he can not come with full power until the Holy Spirit has been taken away. That’s the rapture. We are close wake up look up be ready.

It’s sad that they will get away with this Mr President. Keep fighting and the +75 million Americans will keep hoping and supporting. No way was there a 30 million vote increase in this election. Absurd to believe that





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