Father And son Racing Partners For Life Poster

Father And son Racing Partners For Life Poster

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 When she realized it was HER HAIR!We were trying to get in the spirit, with a little Chrismas joke. And boy was our friend surprised to learn that this was made of her hair! Of course, keep in mind... This was just a joke for fun. It was actally a wig of hers that she wanted to get rid of, and just a comedy sketch, but fun to do!

You cut that much of a chunk of someone’s hair and they don’t feel it? It’s a wig, the hat holding it down. Why do these people always make these videos, get ideas from true pranksters, that are more spontaneous...I don't think so. Who would sit that still and not know???? It took to long to make without being noticed. If I tried that with my granddaughter she would instantly know I was there. L O L.

Like really. She would def feel her hair being lifted and cut. You could see her lifting her hair and tugging on it to cut. Obviously she knew. But that’s what I thought.





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